Founded by a collection of ALF owners, the National Assisted Living RRG provides quality insurance solutions to the industry by the industry’s best. Through NALRRG you will find great coverage perfectly tailored for the unique needs of your organization. Founded over a decade ago, NALRRG has been a safe and reliable source for risk transfer solutions for thousands of ALFs across the nation. Our Board of Directors prides itself on improving the industry by providing great insurance at a reasonable price.

NALRRG is managed by Venture Captive Management, LLC. VCM has managed and operated a litany of insurance companies and risk retention groups for nearly 20 years. Founded by industry veteran, Sterling Shuttleworth, VCM has the talent and resources to ensure that your risk needs are covered. Through an analytic approach, VCM turned the insurance industry on its head through the innovative application of group captives and RRGs. VCM provides business owners ultimate control at a profit.